Navigation and Snowmobile Units

 The Madison County Office of Sheriff also utilizes a navigation and snowmobile patrol unit on a seasonal basis.  This unit is staffed with ten (10) part-time deputies who are certified in New York State Marine and Recreational Vehicle Law and enforcement.  This unit is overseen by a full-time Deputy Sheriff Sergeant who sets up the patrol schedule and activity calendar.


Navigation Activity

During the warmer recreational season, the navigation unit is responsible for patrolling all lakes, ponds and reservoirs within the County of Madison.  The navigation unit is equipped with two (2) patrol boats and one (1) personal watercraft.  One unit is stationed at Cazenovia Lake on a permanent basis.  The other marine units are utilized as roving patrols throughout the County’s various waterways.  This unit monitors the water safety and enforcement of marine laws and local codes. 


The navigation unit provides education to county residents in the form of boater safety classes several times a season.  Information contained in the classes includes: safety tips, boat registration, safety equipment and nautical rules.

Snowmobile Activity

The snowmobile unit is responsible for patrolling the hundreds of miles of trails that travel through Madison County.  This unit is equipped with two (2) snowmobiles, a large enclosed travel trailer, one (1) ATV unit with small trailer.  The unit enforces state, local snowmobile and recreational vehicle laws.  The unit ensures safety of the trail riders and landowners usage.  The snowmobile unit also issues courtesy inspection certificates to those snowmobilers who wish to participate in the inspection program.  This unit also provides educational classes on snowmobile safety and rules of the road several times a year. 

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